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Budgeting 101

Overview of Statewide Budgeting

Click the link above to view an interactive tutorial on state budgeting concepts and procedures.

The Budget Schedule for the Current Biennium (FY2011-13) lists the key milestones in the biennial budget process. Click here for a visual of the budget cycle.

NASBO's Overview of Budgeting in the States provides a high-level look at how states conduct the budget process.

The Budget Manual is a detailed guide prepared by OSBM for use by state agencies in discharging their budgetary responsibilities.

The Budget Manual Update illustrates, through PowerPoint slides, important modifications to the budgeting process in NC as a result of legislation or policy changes.

OSBM's Budget Systems are on-line data entry applications developed by OSBM for use by agencies for budget development and budget revisions.


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Budget Highlights summarizes the most recent biennial budget, including executive priorities by broad topic area.
Historical Budget Data, taken from the most recent biennial budget, is a collection of tables that aid in the analysis of the state's budget over time.