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"Need the current population of Four Oaks? Want to know the median family income for Currituck County? The projected school age population for 2030? The amount of fees collected by a state agency? Measures of performance for a state fund? Per capita personal income for the state annually since 1969 and how it compares recently w ith other states?

The Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) is likely to have easy access to the statistical information you need." 

Joel Sigmon
ASBO for Technology and Data Services

Socioeconomic Data

To enhance the set of analytical tools available to government and citizens for budgeting, planning, research, and other needs, OSBM creates and collects many different types of socioeconomic data. The rich content of these data serve as a vital tool in the budget process. The data are also important to businesses, local governments, academic communities, grant organizations, the media, and the public, especially at the sub-state level.


Log into North Carolina (LINC) is the most valuable Web resource for a wide variety of NC statistical data.

  • State, county, and municipal data, plus state-to-state comparisons
  • 1,500 data annual historical data series
  • Definitions and online help
  • Preformatted and user customized reports

Census Data

The NC State Data Center specializes in disseminating and assisting with interpretation of decennial census data for NC.      Census Data Home Page

Census Lookup

Companion tool to LINC that provides detailed 2000 Census data for small geographic areas as well as special reports on commuting, migration, and occupations.


Annual estimates of county population and municipalities are used to distribute state shared revenues to local governments. State summaries are also available as are census data used for making estimates and projections. County and state population projections, available by age, race (white/other) and gender, are used for long range planning and for budgeting.

State Data Center

The NC State Data Center (SDC) is a 40 member consortium of state and local agencies that cooperate with the Census Bureau to provide data about the state and its component areas and to explain the data to citizens. A local expert in the SDC might answer your question about sub state areas.

How NC Compares with Other States

Societal Indicators (part of Results-Based Budgeting)
State Comparisons
How North Carolina Ranks

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