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History of Federal State Cooperative Population Estimates

During Governor Moore's administration, the US Census Bureau asked all governors' to appoint a single state agency to coordinate with the Census in the Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates. Governor Moore selected the Budget Department as the coordinating agency. The first set of cooperative estimates were developed in 1967. (internal report) Office of State Planning, 1975

Population Estimates and Projections

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The State Demographics branch of OSBM is responsible for producing population estimates and projections. The annual estimates of the population of North Carolina counties and municipalities are used in the distribution of state shared revenues to local governments. County and state population projections, available by age, race (white/other) and sex, are used for long range planning.

To produce these estimates and projections, the unit develops and enhances complex mathematical computer models, and collects and reviews a variety of data from federal, state, and local government sources. It annually surveys North Carolina municipalities for annexation data, municipalities and counties for selected institutional data, and military bases for barracks population data. As a member of the Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE), the unit collects and examines data for the Census Bureau and reviews Census Bureau estimates and methods.

State Demographics is committed to data dissemination through the Web. Over fifty years of annual county and state estimates and projections data are provided. The most recent municipal estimates are also highlighted. Additional detailed projections data are available upon request electronically or, occasionally, in paper form. A small amount of 2000 Census data that is related to estimates and projections techniques and some state population and growth highlights are on this site, as well.

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National Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates
The objective of this program is to develop estimates of the population of counties using uniform procedures largely standardized for data input and methodology.

Population and Budgeting

OSBM’s has a legislative mandate for creating official demographic estimates for statewide budgeting.