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Municipal Population Estimates

Standard 2012 Estimates

(July 1, 2012 Estimates with July 1, 2012 Municipal Boundaries)
Description and Methodology
Municipal Population Estimates by County by Municipality Name
  by Size (Largest) by Size (Smallest)
Multi-County Municipal Estimates Population Distribution Land Area Distribution
Municipal Growth, A2010-J2012 Municipal Urban and Annexed Growth Ranked by Total Growth
County Municipal and Non-Municipal Data County Muni/Non-Muni Population County Muni/Non-Muni Land Area
  Muni/Non-Muni Pop by %Muni Muni/Non-Muni by Muni Pop
  Muni/Non-Muni Area by %Muni Muni/Non-Muni by Muni Area

Revised Standard Estimates

Revised 2011 Municipal Population Estimates by County
Revised 2010 Municipal Population Estimates by County

Certified 2013 Estimates

(July 1, 2013 Estimates with July 1, 2014 Municipal Boundaries)
Description and Availability