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Rule Analysis

OSBM reviews the economic impact of proposed permanent agency rule changes based on the legal requirements set forth in the Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 150B of the General Statutes, and the instructions of our State Budget Manual (PDF format, section 7). After OSBM review, the Rules Review Commission, supported by the Office of Administrative Hearings, conducts a review for legal authorization and clarity.

Submit a Regulatory Analysis for OSBM Review (osbmruleanalysis@ncmail.net)

View OSBM Approved Significant Agency Rule Changes and Analyses
After OSBM approval a rule change must still pass through the rest of the approval process.

North Carolina Register
View proposed and final rule changes.

Rule Analysis Training Slides
Above, are the latest slides used to present the process for building and apprving the agency rule analysis and fiscal note.

Should you have any questions concerning the above materials or the responsibilities of the OSBM in regulatory oversight please contact:

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Regulatory Analysis
Rules that Affected Local Governments in FY 06-07 and Schedule of Rule Actions Anticipated in FY 08-09
March 2008

Schedule of Rule Actions Anticipated in FY 07-08
March 2007

Summary of Rules Adopted in FY 05-06 that Affected Local Government Finances
March 2007

Rules Affecting Local Government
March 2006

Administrative Rules Having a Fiscal Impact on Local Government
March 2003